I am currently a senior at Western Washington University studying business with a focus in marketing. Born in ’93 I strongly identify with my cohorts and when I am not working or studying I enjoy making art, reading, cooking and spending time in the outdoors.  After spending the last four months studying in Madrid, Spain and have officially caught the travel bug.  Originally from Vancouver, WA and have been living in downtown Bellingham for the past three years.  All four years at WWU I have worked in the Office of Admissions as a campus tour guide for Western.  As a representative of WWU, I am often the first and only contact prospective students have with the University and I enjoy connecting with diverse groups of people.  In addition to working on campus have also been working at Garys’ Mens and Women’s Wear in downtown Bellingham for the past 2 years.  This job allows me to express myself through fashion and help to inspire others all while learning the ins-and-outs of running a small business.  Last spring and summer I worked on a collaborative web development project and launched a completely new website for Garys, which proved to be wonderful experience in strategy, team management, and project development and implementation.


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LinkedIn: Hannah Ricker

Twitter: @hannah_ricker

Instagram: @hannah_ricker

Pinterest: hannah_ricker

Interested in what I’m doing post-graduation? Shoot me a message for a resume and cover letter or check out my LinkedIn page.

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