What I can do for you as a digital marketer

Reflection: something nostalgic college seniors and learning enthusiasts do a lot of… and suddenly I find myself on both of these lists.

10 weeks, 12 credits, 3 certifications, 2 jobs and 1 all-nighter later, I am wrapping up my winter quarter and my short stint with DigiMark 3.1. Yes, it is true, this chapter of my college career has come one quarter closer to an end, and so has twice weekly class with our fearless leader Mark Staton.  Although Marketing 476 is over, I can confidently say that this is not the end of my digital marketing career.

For the past 10 weeks I’ve been learning a lot, and somewhere along the way, I found my way.

16,415 words, 16 posts and 724 views later, I am left to contemplate the micro wins and losses I felt whilst writing my digital diary.  Looking back at my first few posts I can’t help but blush at my naïve blogging ways.  At first it felt uncomfortable and forced.  As the passionate person I am, like most things I do, I threw myself into it.  The more I learned about content marketing, inbound and digital, I began to find myself and my voice.  I know it must sound cheesy, but as the weeks progressed and topics got deeper into answering “what is digital marketing?” and “why digital?” I saw myself.  As a millennial, older generations look at us as the major game changers.  We grew up with this stuff, born in ’93, the Internet has been a discourse I didn’t have to think much about.  Looking forward, I see this integration of technology into our daily lives growing exponentially, just like Moore’s Law.  I mean, my five-year-old niece knows the ins-and-outs of an iPad better than most.

Businesses basically have a choice.

Do we join or do we reject?

Personally, excitement for the opportunities businesses have to connect and amplify rushed over me when I first learned about digital marketing.  The one thread through all of my lessons this quarter that really stuck with me was just how much value added digital has.  Content becomes a pleasure, while posts become a conversion; that meant a lot to me.  I know as a customer I have more power in my hands, and to have a business that understands that, and says “hey, I care about you too” rocks the foundation of many, and changes the closely held beliefs people have about businesses.  It’s all about the conversion, and my next step is starting that conversation.

A brief note to future employers: Hire me. Why? One, because I have these fancy skills that look great on paper.  I have three certifications: Google Analytics, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, and Hootsuite.  Sounds swell, doesn’t it?  Secondly, I care a lot about digital and it fuels my passion for marketing.  My skills in content creation and knowledge of the way people interact with businesses online will shape the future of what we call brand engagement.  My analytical abilities will allow me to critically look at the performance of various online platforms such as mobile, web, email and social media integrated with the more traditional outreach to make important and creative decisions.  And finally, my communication skills allow me to look at the world with empathy and optimism.  The world is about to get another bright-eyed and bushy tailed, glass-half-full kind of optimistic gal with a healthy dose of relentlessness and questioning.

Anyways, back to my blog.

The most viewed page on my blog is about content marketing, with 70 views.  This particular post had an entertaining comparison to Elle Woods on her quest for love and content marketing.  One of the surprises I have found with blogging is that the more fun I have with it and the more real and true to myself I am, the more popular the posts are, and the better audience response I get.  (Sounds an awful lot like a lesson many businesses should learn).  Good content = happy readers.  The irony of course is in the fact that I was actually blogging about content in this case.  In addition to the content, I attribute a fair amount of the popularity of the post to a retweet by my professor which likely encouraged my classmates to check it out.  The most exciting for me about this post was the conversation it started with Kane Jamison, a Seattleite and owner of a content marketing agency.

I found it really interesting to see where this traffic was coming from too.  Not by surprise, most of my followers came from the United States with 704 views, Germany came in second place with seven, Spain with five, France three, New Zealand two and Italy, Australia and Japan all with one view.  So it’s pretty much a given that most of my followers would come from the US because I’m American, but the other views actually make some sense too.  I have a very good Spanish friend that I mention in this post, a few German friends I made while abroad, a best friend studying in France, another in Italy and Australia.  Shout out to my friends abroad following along!

Many of you may be wondering if this is the end for me, after all I am a full time student with two jobs.  Who in their right mind would take on blogging on the side?!

Someone absolutely crazy.

Good thing I fit the bill.

I’m not done with this hip bloggin’ thing.  That’s right faithful followers, I am continuing my blog and I urge you to follow along on my digital adventure.  Take my hand and learn about the wonders of the world, my world, and the Internet.

Watch me fearlessly throw myself into the world.

Skydiving in Namibia


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