Google may rule the world

I recently read this super interesting, tantalizing article written by Forrester titled Forrester Wave: Web Analytics that went on and on about how Adobe, IBM, Webtrends and AT Internet are leading the world’s supply of Web Analytics.  They displayed various facts about how web analytics underpins digital intelligence and evaluated 6 companies based on these factors.  After reading a good chunk of the text and looking at some pretty pictures (also referred to as graphs) I quickly found myself bored and confused.  First off, why in the world is Google squeaking in at a rank of 5th place compared to the aforementioned? Of course I’m not a software expert or business trend expert whatsoever, but I was left scratching my head…  Let me make a few semi-informed observations:

The Forrester article clearly states that enterprise capabilities are the key differentials. Yep, that’s definitely true!  So how is it that one of the most innovated companies isn’t given more credit for doing so? I recently read this great article about Google’s three pronged enterprise strategy (Jason Bloomberg) that made a great analogy: Google is like an iceberg, what you see and hear about is only surface level.  They are well known for being a constantly working company that seeks innovative individuals that are leading cloud capabilities (which half freaks me out and half makes me excited) and development of digital technologies.  Innovations tend to shake up the market and that just may create a problem for some of the more traditional software companies like IBM and Adobe.

James McCormic, the author of the Forrester article also mentions the importance of delivering actionable information to businesses, which is basically Google’s middle name. After finding the Forrester article lackluster, I did more research about Google Analytics specifically.  The abilities and thought process behind Google Analytics has power and innovation that is truly ground breaking.  I mean remarketing… genius! I always wondered how google knew I wanted to by those boots at Nordstrom… anyways, back to the analytics.  Built into the program you are able to make goals, learn more about your customers and make changes to your business that are necessary for achieving them.  That sounds pretty awesome to me, talk about giving customers the full package!  Analytics is just the tip of the iceberg for Google as stated by Jason Bloomberg.  With the ongoing R&D with BigQuery and Google Analytics Premium has the capability to out grow some of the other companies based on their weaknesses.

If Adobe, IBM and Webtrends are leading Web Analytics, Google is changing the game and just might rule the world.


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